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About Us

Saint George Church Building

Saint George Belarusian Orthodox Church was legalized and received a State Charter in 1958.

After the World War II a sizable group of Belarusian immigrants chose to settle in Chicago and other parts of the State of Illinois. The local industry provided the newcomers with job opportunities needed to secure the future of their families.

Belarusians are pious people starting each undertaking with a prayer. Therefore they started to organize their life in the new fatherland- America by acquiring a church of their own.

Even though it was a difficult task to open the new church the founders were blessed with the assistance of different clergy who offered their time and energy. Bishop of the Belarusian Autocephalic Orthodox Church Wasil, Archimandrite Julian Trocki, Fr. Makarewicz and Protopresbyter N. Lipitzki all visited Chicago on several occasions. All of the assisting clergy belonged to different jurisdictions of the Orthodox Church which quickly lead to a question to which jurisdiction the Belarusian Orthodox Church in Chicago should join.

The national roots of Belarusian history made the new immigrants look towards Constantinople. It was in this part of the world  from which Belarus received the Christian Orthodox Religion. It is because of this background that the immigrants of America chose to organize their church within the framework on the Ecumenical Patriarchate under the auspices of the Exarch of the of Constantinople in North and South America. At the time of petition Archbishop Michael was head of the Church in North and South America. With his approval the Belarusian Orthodox, by a majority of their own vote, became part of the jurisdiction of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of America. These Belarusian churches formed a separate Diocese with their authority reaching back to Constantinople. To this day Saint George Belarusian Orthodox Church in Chicago is part of the Ecumenical Patriarchate in America, with His Eminence Metropolitan Nicholas of the American Carpathian Orthodox Diocese being the Primate of the Council of the Belarusian canonical churches in North America.